How To Use Passenger

Welcome to the Driver's Guide too

The new application for sharing cars. We have taken care to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety for our customers and the greatest benefit for the drivers.

With Too, you can request your flight at any time and anywhere and reach your destination at the right time and at the right cost

How to register

too allows customers to register through a phone number or through social network accounts (Google-facebook-twiter) When you register The application will ask for the mobile phone number Enter a valid and unregistered number to receive the message activation .. After activation, you can directly start ordering your trip

As a too customer, you can view the data stored, such as your email address, phone number and date of birth by clicking on your avatar to access your profile. From there you can change your password and the rest of your data.

We always update our users with the necessary information to improve their experience. You can see a log of messages sent by the system administrator through (Messages) from the main menu

You can always see your current balance by (balance) from the main menu

You can view the history of your past and next trips from (your trips) from the main menu and know the trip price, distance traveled and other trip data.

We offer many advantages

offer full support at all times

Passengers ask questions about different parts of the system ، We compile the most common questions in the Help section. ، For the most common questions, click (Help) on the main menu and review the added questions and answers.
To report a problem or add a suggestion from the main menu, choose (contact us) and choose the type of communication, whether it is a problem or a suggestion, then write its title and description or contact technical support directly from the application via the Contact Us button.
You can share your invite code for free offers. From the side menu, choose Share app. When you give your code to one of your friends or to another customer. You get a special discount when you use your code, and the code user also receives a discount.